Friday, 18 October 2013

SpaceWanderer Update - 18/10/13: Beta Version 0.2.5

 I did it! I managed to release this update on time. I made a promise that I would get this update out before Virtual Minecon (which is tomorrow) and I managed to keep it. I have also just reached 1K views, so I am completely over the moon about it. This week has been mainly spent on advertising the blog and getting this update done, so I hope you enjoy!

What's New/Fixed:

  • Version.txt actually contains something now!
  • Added main menu!
  • Added single player button!
  • Added exit button!
  • Added retry button!
  • Added main menu music!
  • Added button-click noises
  • Main menu background changes depending on time of year!
  • Fixed 'Bobs' spawn location (he now spawns at the top right)!
Any Bugs:
  • As requested by some people on forums, I am going to change the GUI text colour.
  • Not all backgrounds have been made yet so you might get a nasty surprise in November.
Download Link:

One last thing. I posted a voting poll recently, on the sidebar of this blog. Thank you to every who has voted (and is going to vote) as of today, we have 31 votes. If you haven't already voted, you still have 4 days left to do so!

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