Monday, 14 October 2013

SpaceWanderer Update - 14/10/13: Beta Version 0.2

I have finally finished development on v0.2 (the GUI update). I hit some major obstacles while working on this update, so that's why it took a while. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this update. Next update (I am hoping) will be out for Halloween, it will have a main menu with some of 8BitSandy's spooky artwork!

What's New/Fixed:
  • A nice GUI made by 8BitSandy
  • Health counter
  • Kill counter
  • Death counter
  • Rank counter 
  • Score counter
  • GUI name tag 
  • Health decreases when touching 'Plankton'
  • When you die, it's Game Over
  • "Versions.txt" is a file hidden away inside the jar, and will have a list of past versions and ideas for future versions.
Any Bugs:
  • Not really a bug, but "versions.txt" doesn't actually contain any thing apart from a reminder for me to write something in it.

Download Link:

One more thing, you can now access this blog from Probably easier to remember than my current URL!

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