Thursday, 17 October 2013

Just Reached 1K Blog Views

I set this blog up on the 17th September 2013 and here we are, 1 month later with 1000 views. Thank you very much to everyone who has downloaded and supported this game. I am planning on putting out v0.2.5 on Saturday. Special thanks to 8BitSandy the artist, he has even made a party themed background and header for the blog so give him a big shout out on twitter (@8BitSandy). Hope I see some of you at Virtual Minecon this Saturday (we have a booth).

Here's to another thousand views!


  1. No problem, Great game so far too!

  2. Looks great!
    Just wondering, will there be controls in the menu.
    I need to know how to shoot!

    1. At the moment there no way to shoot, that will be implemented soon though