Friday, 27 September 2013

Oh Yeah, I'm 8BitSandy

I realize the GIF in the last post didn't animate, I'm sorry. If you download it it animates. Thanks for continuing to watch this page!

Christopher is Away...

Christopher is "away" for the weekend, but I am still here, working hard on graphics and sound.

Oh and if there isn't a GIF below, or you have to download it sorry, I will try again.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

GUI Update (Coming Soon)

In my last update (v0.1.6) I mentioned that v0.1.6 would be the last version before 0.2. You may be wondering what will be in 0.2 (or not, but I'm going to tell you anyway). The next version is going to be, as the title of this post suggests, the GUI update. As well as a GUI, I will be adding health. Note that health probably won't be used until v0.3+. As I am writing this post, my friend (and graphic's designer) is working away at the GUI. Thanks @8bitsandy!

P.S. I want to, at some point, find a way to make a new page on blogger so I can show you all the awesome spaceships @8bitsandy has been creating, so stay tuned! :)

SpaceWanderer Update - 26/9/13: Beta Version 0.1.6

      It's Thursday evening, and what better way to start the weekend with a SpaceWanderer update. This is a minor update (bug fixes) and will be/should be the last update before v0.2. Before I forget, thanks for the support so far!

What's New/Fixed:
  • AI Now rotates depending on it's direction
  • 'Bouncy' Border Control (Still a bit bouncy, but should be fine for now)
Any Bugs:
  • Not found any (yet), if you find any bugs please post a comment about it, thanks :)

Download Link:

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

SpaceWanderer Update - 21/9/13: Beta Version 0.1.5

Hello everyone. I just decided to get this update out before Sunday. It's not a major update - just fixes the AI movement.

What's New/Fixed:
  • AI Movement improved
  • AI No longer flies off screen
Any Bugs:
  • AI Doesn't rotate depending on it's direction
  • 'Bouncy' Border Control
Download Link:

(You may notice that the download link is Google Drive as I have had problems with Mediafire!)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

SpaceWanderer Update - 17/9/13: Beta Version 0.1

Here is the first beta version of SpaceWanderer, so I am still figuring out how to structure what has been updated and what bugs need fixed. So for now this is how it's going to be laid out:

What's New:

  • Base of game (Obviously)
  • More advanced movement
  • AI (Unfinished)
  • Border Control
Any Bugs:
  • AI Doesn't rotate depending on it's direction
  • AI Flies off of the screen
  • 'Bouncy' Border Control
Download Link:

P.S Just some things I forgot to mention in my last post - at the moment the game is a jar file (not .EXE) and at the moment I am using MediaFire to upload my game to, so if there are any objections to my choice of Uploader, please say. Thanks! 

A Game On A Blog?!?

You may be wondering why I am choosing to make a blog instead of a website for a game. Well, the answer is quite simple. I am going to be posting (regular) game updates on this blog, something you tend not to do on a regular website. So yeah..